I’ve been working with Carl for 10+ years on all my events in the community San Francisco and Oakland including for my personal service needs. Carl’s nothing but amazing, extremely intelligent and knowledgeable about security, processing, safety while also being professional. Not only does he come with a great team behind him but he also comes with the biggest smile and heart. We wouldn’t be working with anyone else in this industry unless they knew Carl to support us with any and all security needs. Call Carl for all your safety and security needs today and feel free to contact us for a reference we couldn’t appreciate Carl more for being our Bodyguard, Security Team, Safety Officer etc. For Life.

East L.

I had a last-minute security need and am so thankful that Made Man Bodyguard Services was able to save the day. I appreciated the high level of communication and professionalism. This gave me peace of mind during a stressful time!

Emma C.

Great for getting your business needs met, also gives free great advice. He also gave me proper ways to get the job I need done with the proper legal ways.
Highly recommend.

Nodnarb S.

We needed to have our house tented for termites and it was recommended by the extermination company that we get private security to watch the house overnight when it was being aerated. After reading reviews on Yelp, I reached out to a few different private security agencies and Carl was by far the most responsive. He made the whole experience very simple and straightforward, arrived on-time and proactively communicated status. I definitely recommend Carl for any private security needs.

Cheryl A.

We hired Carl at the last minute due to our party size increasing and the demand for tickets. He came through for us in a major way. He showed up early and was dressed appropriately as well as prepared(badge, flashlight, etc..) throughout the night he displayed great communication skills and he was very professional. He took the lead role and check I.D.’s at the door all night as well as performing pat downs and purse searches. He was reasonably priced and I would recommend hiring him for your events. I look forward to working with him again in the near future.

Curtis H.

From the moment I booked it was nothing but professionalism. Carl reached out via phone and we met in person to go over the details of my event. He was on top of everything including reminding us to have extra masks and a thermometer so he could check temperatures. The night of the event he arrived early and was the last to leave and in between he handled it all because I heard about no issues.
I will definitely utilize this service again.

Michelle M.

Due to a few recent incidents, the company I work for found itself in need of increased security throughout the evening. We hired Man Made Enterprises, and could not be happier with the results. Carl and his team are very professional, courteous, and have done a fantastic job for us during their time here. They make our employees feel safer, and most importantly, make our offices safer. We wouldn’t hesitate to give Carl and his team our absolute highest recommendation. Thanks Carl!

Jess M.

I used Carl just to feel secure while I dealt with some estate matters. He was courteous and professional. He answered his phone at 5AM and listened to my concerns and was very flexible. I used him for two days and found him to be pleasant to hang out with and very knowledgeable. He communicated in advance with the local police in case he would have to call them. I used him based on yelp reviews and found his services exactly as advertised. Would highly recommend. He has a great deal of experience in private security.

Jennifer D.

We hired Made Man Bodyguard services to be security at our private event hosted at the W Hotel in Newark CA. The service we received was excellent. Carl was very professional, his prices are almost a steal, considering the level of work he did for us. I would absolutely recommend that anyone looking for good quality security hire him. I will most definitely be using his service in the future!

Charles T.

We hired Carl to be security for a few days while we were doing a film shoot in Oakland. He was professional and punctual and incredibly great to work with. On one of the days during an evening scene outside on the sidewalk, there were some bystanders who loudly commented on our film and expensive equipment… Carl’s large presence was enough to deter any trouble and put our cast and crew at ease. In addition to guarding the location and any equipment, Carl kept a close eye on our cars in the area and at the end of the night, walked each of us to our cars. Even though we ran a little late one night, Carl stuck with us until every car had left the lot and the place was locked up. Hiring him as security was one of the smartest decisions we could’ve make for our film and I will definitely be hiring him again for any security needs in the future! Thank you!

I mean every word of it, and should I need security again in the future, I’ll be sure to give you a call! Thanks!

Jackie D.

I have known Mr. Vinson for many years and have used Made Man Enterprises services many times prior. My most recent experience was during my beautiful wedding in 2012.   Mr. Vinson and his team are the most professional and very responsive and respectable service.  His presence brings forth a calm and your able to feel very secure with them around.   I have witnessed on many occasions of the different functions Made Man Enterprises services.  The Youth Mentorship program is far most one of the best programs helping our Youth understanding what is expected and how to achieve their goals in life…  And how today’s youth should deal with issues.If you want quality and quantity their services are what your needing. Continue with much success.

Kwamalita S.

Carl provided professional services to my events.  He always came prepared and tailored to every security requests and needs.  I would recommend hiring him again future needs.

Sunny L.

I was really happy working with Carl from The planning stages to the event through to the finish.  He and his team are true professionals and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others.

James G.

We hired Carl to work security at a large party and he was FANTASTIC! He was here on time and very friendly – but seriously, he looks like a dude you do not want to mess with!   His prices are reasonable and he came prepared (flashlight, security badge, etc). Definitely would recommend him for events!

Sarcastic T.

Carl was absolutely fantastic to work with. He is organized, a true pro, easy to communicate with, and just great to have around. He made everyone at the event feel safe, and folks really enjoyed having him there. He helped me feel very safe at my wedding. And it helps that he is a very cool and nice guy! Recommend him 100% times 10.

An M.

I second what others have said in this review.  Carl  was on-time, very professional, and very likable.  And, uh yeah.. Carl can block out the sun.  He’s a big guy. I engaged him to keep my girl friend safe at the club where she works in SF. I would absolutely recommend him.

Chris B.

After hosting a few large private events that had gotten a bit out of hand, we decided to hire Carl to run the security. With Carl and his partner watching the door and monitoring the event, the entire night went as smooth as we could have hoped. We were actually able to enjoy the event without having to deal with any of the frustrations. Carl is extremely professional and courteous, and handled any rowdy guests and party crashers with ease. Can’t imagine hosting an event without his services.

Kia Z.

Carl was on-time, professional, and what can I say, the dude is huge. Despite his imposing appearance, he’s a very nice gentleman but is not afraid to lay down the law. He stayed until the very bitter end of my event until every last person had been cleared out of the venue. He was also very responsive when I was coordinating with him on the phone prior to the event.  I will definitely look him up for my annual event next year!

Ryan K.

Carl Vinson was extremely responsive, we talked on the phone through my security needs (guard my house during termite tenting), he immediately sent an invoice with the terms, I paid a deposit through Paypal. On the date of the service, his partner Ferris showed up right on time, was very professional, we discussed the logistics, and everything went well, I paid the balance upon completion of the engagement. Highly recommend them!

Robert P.

After the inspections, I knew I made the right choice to ask Carl to come along and ensure everything went smoothly. I would recommend Carl to anyone looking for security services or just extra peace of mind. Worth every penny! I worked with Carl to complete an exterior housing inspection at night in a part of town that is not the safest area. Carl was a complete professional and helped myself and the inspector keep peace of mind. After the inspections, I knew I made the right choice to ask Carl to come along and ensure everything went smoothly. I would recommend Carl to anyone looking for security services or just extra peace of mind. Worth every penny!

Wyatt R.

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